Rendering Sydney

Rendering your home creates an attractive, durable finish that will stand the test of time and be the envy of your neighbourhood; it is a simple and affordable method of improving your home—a skilled professional can overhaul the aesthetic of your property in a matter of hours, creating a sophisticated new look, simultaneously upping its real estate value.


The team at Rendering Sydney have experience in both cement and acrylic overlays. Our skilled team will finish your home’s exterior to impeccable standards, leaving behind a robust, weather-resistant and stylish facade that you can take pride in.


Rendering Will Improve the Value of Your Sydney Home


Many Sydney homeowners choose to refinish their homes before putting them on the market because they know that render achieves spectacular street appeal and will fetch a higher sale price. Your home’s exterior can crack and deteriorate over time, but a quick and cost-effective overlay will have it looking fresh and new once more.


Render is also a popular finish for new homes because it requires next to no maintenance and creates a chic, modern veneer. A rendered home will hold its value; this crack-resistant and weather-resistant material maintains the semblance of a newly built property.


Render – the stylish and versatile choice


Render is an incredibly versatile material—the range of colours and textures available are myriad, meaning that you can create a customised, designer look that marries with the feel of your home. You might choose a warm sandstone finish to revamp a traditional character home or a sleek, polished concrete look in a cooler tone, creating in an ultra-modern aesthetic for your new property. The design possibilities are endless with Rendering Sydney and our knowledgeable team are well placed to advise which finishes will best suit your home.

Rendering guards your home against Sydney’s climate extremes


Sydney has been known to experience hail and flooding within weeks of a heatwave. If you want to protect your home from extreme weather with a lasting, hard-wearing, material, render is an excellent choice. A superior service, like Rendering Sydney, will use the finest quality materials and apply a thick veneer of to your home or business, guarding it against heat damage, moisture and mould formation.


Why Choose a Professional Renderer for Home Improvement in Sydney?

DIY is all the rage right now; home improvement television shows and hardware stores make DIY projects appear simple and affordable, but the reality is that specialist tradespeople exist for good reason.


Issues occur when rendering is performed incorrectly, and what began as an inexpensive DIY project, may cost you dearly in the long term: the value of your home could be impacted if you are trying to sell, and it is likely you’ll need to seek out an experienced professional to patch your mistakes.


Similarly, you should be cautious of backyard operations, who might lure customers with rock-bottom prices, but are inexperienced, and employ subpar materials and techniques. The best way to ensure that you are choosing a quality service is to ask for references and a portfolio of past project.


Correct preparation of the substrate surface is crucial to ensure that substances, like salt, don’t leach out and stain your property’s fresh, new veneer. Professional preparation will also ensure that the overlay adheres seamlessly to the materials beneath, creating a smooth, even finish.


Rendering enhances your home’s appeal and the return on your investment will be several times the original outlay in terms of your property’s real estate value. Choosing a professional service, like Rendering Sydney, from the outset, will protect your investment and guarantee superior results.

Rendering Sydney is the Premier Choice for Style and Quality


Why choose Rendering Sydney for your project? We have a longstanding reputation for exceptional customer service and achieving immaculate, longwearing results. We understand that any change to your home’s appearance is a significant decision and we believe that our clients deserve the very best.


We work with you every step of the way and give you complete control over your project. We will provide a portfolio of our work during your initial consultation, allowing you to be confident in choosing the right finish for your property. Everything from your no-obligation design consultation to the completion of your project will be tailored to suit your needs, budget and schedule.


Get in touch today to arrange for your complimentary quotation. We service all areas of Sydney and no job is too big or too small, we are equipped to complete the simplest patch-up to the largest scale whole-property facelift.