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Acrylic Rendering Sydney


Whether you are looking to breathe new life into the façade of an existing home, or you’re building a new property, acrylic render is the perfect option for your Sydney home; it is a simple, affordable means of achieving an attractive, robust and weather-hardy finish for your property.


Acrylic render is fast becoming the chosen exterior finish for Sydneysiders, improving the appearance and value of their homes and businesses.  When choosing a company, you want to be sure that they have the experience and expertise to finish your home to the utmost standard—Rendering Sydney is your trusted name in acrylic facades, with a reputation for superior customer service and impeccable results.


What is Acrylic Render?


Acrylic is a type of plastic, added to the rendering mix to achieve unmatched durability for your property’s exterior. Acrylic render is exceptionally resistant to water and sun; it is also incredibly flexible and is less prone to cracking than other exterior finishes. An acrylic mixture is the premier choice for architectural and building applications; it is suitable for refinishing virtually any material, including bricks, concrete, Hebel blocks and painted facades.


Acrylic rendering is favoured as much for its street appeal and versatility, as for its resilience, achieving a variety of stunning finishes, including sandstone, marble and clay; it adapts to a vast array of pigments, allowing the colour and finish to be tailored exactly to your liking.


Why is acrylic render the best exterior option for my Sydney property?


Acrylic render is the preferred finish for residential, commercial and civil building applications in Sydney, as it offers a multitude of benefits:


It can be applied swiftly by an experienced professional and is quick-drying, achieving an attractive result for your property in a limited timeframe, while minimising the inconvenience of having tradespeople present at your home;


Its flexibility prevents hairline cracks from forming on your property’s façade, when natural movement occurs in its foundations;


It has self-cleaning properties and is extremely low maintenance; an occasional hose with water will keep the veneer looking clean and attractive;


It is a water-resistant, yet breathable substance, allowing the substrates beneath to aerate, which makes for a drier, mould-free home.

Why choose Rendering Sydney for your project?


Rendering Sydney have abundant experience in acrylic render application, having completed a wide array of residential, commercial and council projects. We offer our clients an extensive range of designer finishes and our unmatched professionalism will result in an acrylic veneer that exceeds your every expectation.


You’ll be impressed with our customer service, work ethic and the short timeframe within which we complete your project. Give us a call today to arrange for your complimentary, no-obligation quote and discover the many reasons why we are Sydney’s go-to name for acrylic rendering.