Cement Rendering


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Cement Rendering—the Stylish and Affordable Exterior Choice


In Sydney, cement rendering is a very popular method of beautifying a home’s exterior. Brick and stonework develop cracks and imperfections over time, due to general wear and the natural movement of a property’s foundations. These irregularities greatly impact the saleability of a property and lower its market value.


Cement rendering is an attractive and affordable means of revamping your Sydney home and getting it ready for sale within a short timeframe. Rendering Sydney have copious experience using cement render with impeccable results, helping many Sydney property owners to fetch higher prices for their homes.


What is Cement Render?


Cement rendering is the traditional method used to refinish building surfaces; a dense, cohesive mixture, comprised of concrete, sand and lime achieves a modern, matte texture that breathes new life into any building. Lime plays a crucial role in preventing the mixture from cracking as it hardens.


Cement rendering has been favoured by Sydneysiders for several decades; it is the most cost-effective means of restoring a home or building’s façade to as-new condition, able to be overlayed on virtually any substrate material. is also a stylish, inexpensive choice for finishing newly built homes.


Why Choose Cement Render for your Sydney Home or Business?



Rendering a new home is the economical option to achieve a sophisticated, hardy and easy-care veneer. Refinishing an existing home with cement is a wonderful way of breathing new life into an older home, enhancing its value and allure.



All building surfaces develop signs of wear over time, but cement render is the most affordable surface to preserve. While damaged brick and stone may need to be demolished and replaced, which can prove very costly, a rendered veneer can be restored to its former glory, using a small amount of cement mixture to patch over imperfections.


Low Maintainance

A cement overlay creates a tremendously low maintenance finish for your Sydney property; a simple hose with water will keep it looking fresh and neat. The material is ideal for maintaining a dry and healthy home, as it allows substrate materials to ‘breathe’. This prevents mould and bacteria from forming, as moisture can’t accumulate and permeate the home.

cement rendering sydney

Cement render achieves a designer finish at a budget-friendly price


Cement rendering creates an earthy, textured finish and is available in a multitude of colours, giving you absolute freedom in the look of your property. Pigment can be added to the mixture or painted on once it has cured.


Rendering Sydney is the Premier Choice for your Poject


Whether you’d like some simple, decorative edging around windows and doors, or you have a multi-storey, whole-house project, no job is too big or too small for Rendering Sydney.


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